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Sweet Treats and Heavy Metals by GreyGyrl Star Makers

I met Amber when I was working at the nation’s largest video game retailer.  She, Amy, and I were all expecting at the same time.  Three months apart each, Amber had Breanna, then Amy had Bel, and I had Thor.  And ping, ping, ping, we came back to work.  Then, Amy left, I left, and Amber left, and we’ve all been doing various things since then.  One of the things Amber has been doing, is making jewelry with Breanna.  Creative and amazing on her own, when you add Breanna to the mix, you get a duo of fantastic artists, making one-of-a-kind jewelry.  I love it!

The beautiful Breanna and her red crab resin pendant.

I asked Amber to write up the story behind GreyGyrl, the name of their Etsy store, so I could share it with you all.  I think you’ll love the jewelry!  It ranges from sweet-enough-to-eat, to truly sentimental.

Great advice. Great jewelry.

GreyGyrl – Star Makers is a mother daughter team Amber & Breanna Barnes (age 34 and 7) creating and
designing jewelry pieces.

The idea behind it was to find something fun to do as a hobby that both mommy and daughter enjoyed.
More times than they will actually admit, involved trips to Michaels & Hobby Lobby for weekend art
projects. It was actually Breanna (age 7) who asked the question maybe we can try to make stuff people
wanna buy. Then we can have more money for even more art stuff.

Stuff people might want to buy. I love this one–I think it looks like tattoo art.

So then Amber (age 34) began surfing the world of Google and researched some ideas. Starting
with Resin seemed the most fun. Both mommy and daughter looked at the various charms, shells, and
ideas and began designing. Once a few of the pendants were made with only a dozen or so causalities,
next step was to set up an Etsy Store. Breanna named the store and up went the listings of handmade
pieces for sale. The first few sales however did come from Grandma but the mother daughter duo was
not picky! Now random strangers are finding the little shop and more and more items are being added
all the time!

Some of Amber’s metal stamping work.

Also the types of pendants include Custom and ready-made metal stamped pendants, the latest favorite
etsy style scrabble tiles turned charms, resin and more. It’s a great hobby and a way to make a few extra
bucks while being home with the kids, but the best part is hearing how much someone loves the piece
designed by Breanna (age 7).

I know you know someone who would love to have this one!

Check out GreyGyrl.  These are wonderful people, and lovely jewelry.

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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to WIN!!! Jewelry by June Bijou

As part of today’s Holiday Guide, Win These Earrings!

The Gaby Earrings by June Bijou

June is one of those unforgettable people. You meet her and she makes an indelible impact on your life. Then you see her jewelry. Oh my word, the jewelry. For several years, June designed for brands and for her own June Bijou line in major department and apparel stores, but after having her first baby in 2008, she decided to scale back the operation to better suit her lifestyle as a mother. “Having it all” meant maintaining her art, but changing the way she did business to open up the time she wanted to spend with her growing family.

Now, with two little boys (and one big man!) at home, June has reinvented herself as a boutique jeweler, selling her meticulously crafted art directly to individuals, through her website and trunk shows.  You can “like” her on Facebook here.

When June and I reconnected (in a Barnes & Noble parking lot) last January, and she told me she was making jewelry, I expected to see pretty, Etsy-style crafts on her website. I did not expect to find fine metals and gemstones. I didn’t even know you could do what she does by hand! My first sight of her jewelry took my breath away. The collection features a variety of semi-precious, faceted gemstones and beads such as different types of quartz, jade, and various kinds of pearls. The metals, wire & chain used to craft this special jewelry include 14K gold filled, sterling silver, and vermeil.

Free shipping through December 15th.

Her collection is light and airy, and evokes white sand beaches as frequently as white powder slopes. What I am trying to say is that June’s jewelry would be perfectly at home on a sarong wearing supermodel in Ibiza, or a fox-furred socialite in Aspen, and you–at work, at play, at that glittering holiday party. It is amazingly beautiful and accessible.

These are a few of my favorites:

Green Garnet Almond Shaped Vermeil Rings
Vermeil Trio Disc Necklace. Look for the gorgeous matching earrings.
Bohemian Chic Earrings.
The Hope and Love Bangle. Would you ever guess that was handmade? So beautiful!

From now, through December 15, there is free shipping on any order, AND, June has offered The Outside Lane, the chance to give away a pair of her gorgeous Gabby earrings. Leave a comment about your favorite piece of personal jewelry here or at The Outside Lane on Facebook, and be entered to win!  “Like” The Outside Lane on Facebook for another chance to win.

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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to Have–Stella & Dot Jewelry

Today’s holiday tip comes from Fabulous Girl, Sibyl Tinguely.  Now, we all know that a σίβυλλα, or sybil, is an oracle, foretelling the future.  Our Sybil is an oracle of style!  As a Stella & Dot Stylist, she’s got the inside scoop on some really beautiful jewelry and accessories.  Frankly, I’m drooling over this guest blog entry so much, I’m going to have to wipe up my keyboard by the time I’m finished.  GORGEOUS!

Stella & Dot creates Celebrity Coveted jewelry that is both affordable and luxurious! Our jewelry is sold exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows. When a customer attends a Stella & Dot Trunk Show they receive expert style advice from a personal stylist, like myself. I give individual advice for each customer to help them style their own life with a custom jewelry wardrobe tailored for their lifestyle! Stella & Dot is also a social shopping experience. When a hostess has a Trunk Show she is encouraged to share her shopping experience in the comfort of her own home with her girlfriends! It’s a private shopping experience like no other.

Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories offer the perfect pieces to perk up your Holiday wardrobe with a little sparkle! In addition to our irresistible jewelry, we have launched a leather handbags and accessories line, as well! hb100mt_1_4.jpg
Our La Coco clutches were created to allow for versatility and customization for each of our customers. hb100bk_dust_bag_0000-1.jpg
These clutches allow you to attach brooches to your bag to create a different look with each outfit! hb102bk_1_5.jpgAnother bag that I am very excited about is our Waverly Three Way bag, which as the name suggests can be used to create three different handbags. Both items allow you to transition from day to night in style! sgjoy_2.jpg
Stella & Dot has also introduced a luxurious fragrance soy candle just in time for the Holiday season! This candle creates the perfect atmosphere for your own Holiday party, as well as for a Holiday party you will be attending this season. sg105aq_le_1.jpg
Also, just in time for the gift-giving season are our new luxury tech cases. sg103mt_le_1_1.jpg
Stella & Dot has created a signature iPhone and iPad case for all of the stylish ladies in your life! Another line that I am particularly fond of is our little girls and tween line of jewelry and accessories. During the month of December until the 21st select items from this line featured in our Spread the Love collection will allow you to continue giving after your purchase. Purchase one of the Stella & Dot Girls designs, and we’ll gift the same style to our Stella & Dot Foundation partner BuildOn, who will distribute to girls in need worldwide! What better way to give a gift that keeps on giving.
I would love to assist you with your Holiday needs this season! I truly enjoy using my expertise and passion to help each and every woman feel beautiful with my Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories. I have spent over 10 years in the retail and fashion industry and have finally been able to translate my experience and talents into my own business as a personal stylist! Nothing delights me more than to bring my fabulous Stella & Dot into someones home to allow them to experience the pieces for themselves. Looking for a little sparkle or a unique and beautiful gift this season? Please visit my e-boutique and e-mail or call me while your visiting and I can answer any questions you may have! Interested in having a Pop-up shop in your home for yourself and your girlfriends? Call me: 682-970-8456 to book a Trunk Show today and to find out about our amazing Hostess Rewards! Thinking of styling your own life with your own Stella & Dot business? E-mail or Contact me today to start earning Stylist Rewards!
Sibyl Tinguely
Stella & Dot, Independent Stylist
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June, Non Seulement un Bijou…

…mais aussi un trésor.*

I had lunch with my friend June, of June Bijou jewelry, today. Aside from how lovely it was to catch up after all these years, I am really looking forward to getting to know her again. I had no idea she had learned metal-smithing, or that was selling her original designs to the likes of Fred Segal and Barney’s New York, and doing private label work for BCBG! I should keep better track of people.

She was so kind as to bring me a pair of her handmade earrings, and I know exactly where to wear them for the first time!

June makes these by hand. I know some amazingly talented women!

If you are coming to the Women Worth Knowing event, June is donating the prize for our giveaway. I can’t wait to see it!

*Nancy, feel free to correct my French. I learned it at Sears. 😉

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Wrapping Jewelry


We are packing to move. Ugh. But in the midst of the ugh, there are always a few opportunities for creativity. I got creative with my jewelry box today. If you’re like me, you love untangling necklaces about as much as you enjoy reaching up inside a raw chicken to pull out the innards. The idea of having to pack all of my necklaces, one by one, so that they didn’t tangle was making my teeth hurt, so I had to find a work-around.

I am fortunate to have a really nice jewelry box. Two Christmases ago, my mother decided I needed a three way mirror and a grand jewelry box, so she gifted me with a 6′ tall, rotating box with 3 mirrored doors. The doors open to create a 3 way mirror. Inside in each door are earring racks, a bracelet rack, and necklace hooks. Inside each cabinet is a ring keeper, another set of necklace hooks, and small cabinets for jewelry that doesn’t fit in the rest.

While most of my stuff is only costume, every piece (right down to a ring out of a literal bubble gum machine) has some sentimental value, and I don’t want to lose any of it. And I also don’t want to have to pack earrings by pairs, or sort through the mess of studs that might fall when the whole jewelry box is moved.

Saran Wrap and packing tape.

I bought Press’n Seal Saran Wrap and wrapped each section of the inner door and cabinet separately, then put packing tape along the edges to hold it in place. On the earring section, I put the wrap on sticky side down. That way, if an earring is jogged out of it’s rack, it will stick where it is. Everywhere else, I used sticky side up. I really don’t want the gunk on the jewelry. On the necklaces, I strapped packing tape across the top, middle and bottoms of the longest strands, so that should hold them all in place nicely.

The move isn’t for a few more days, but I’ll let you know how it works next week. In the meantime, UGH!