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What is Sexy: Part One

In just a couple of days, on May 22, you’ll see The Outside Lane featured on the Nickelodeon Parents Connect Sexy Mama Boot Camp.  Leading up to that, I’d like to introduce you (and any new readers) to some things I think are sexy.

1.  Funny Girls are Sexy

Sheila Cooper of Locked Out Comedy


One of my absolute favorite things is Sheila Cooper–she’s actually a person, not a thing, but if you ask her to be a thing, she’d be able to pull it off in a heartbeat.  Why?  Because Sheila is a member of the hilarious Locked Out Comedy improv troupe.   Check out their website and see if there is a show going on near you.  You’ll be glad you did!


2.  Great jewelry is sexy

Jewelry by June

You all know I love jewelry, but by far my favorite jewelry designer is June Pillay Graham of June Bijou.  June’s handcrafted necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets are so beautiful.  Every piece is a tiny work of art.  It’s also good to know that June is a wonderful human being.  I adore her.

3.  Activism and Public Service are sexy

Fighting against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Eddie and Rhonda Brown are my neighbors.   In August of 2010, Eddie and Rhonda’s three-year-old daughter, Chloe, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for a second time.  Chloe’s older sister, Bailey, was looking for a way to help.  Bailey and her school lunch table decided that on a Friday they would all wear Orange in tribute of the Leukemia Ribbon, to raise awareness of the disease affecting Chloe. It became a Friday thing, and soon, Eddie and Rhonda were founding Orange Out, a non-profit developed to help families of children fighting cancer.  Find out more at:

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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to WIN!!! Jewelry by June Bijou

As part of today’s Holiday Guide, Win These Earrings!

The Gaby Earrings by June Bijou

June is one of those unforgettable people. You meet her and she makes an indelible impact on your life. Then you see her jewelry. Oh my word, the jewelry. For several years, June designed for brands and for her own June Bijou line in major department and apparel stores, but after having her first baby in 2008, she decided to scale back the operation to better suit her lifestyle as a mother. “Having it all” meant maintaining her art, but changing the way she did business to open up the time she wanted to spend with her growing family.

Now, with two little boys (and one big man!) at home, June has reinvented herself as a boutique jeweler, selling her meticulously crafted art directly to individuals, through her website and trunk shows.  You can “like” her on Facebook here.

When June and I reconnected (in a Barnes & Noble parking lot) last January, and she told me she was making jewelry, I expected to see pretty, Etsy-style crafts on her website. I did not expect to find fine metals and gemstones. I didn’t even know you could do what she does by hand! My first sight of her jewelry took my breath away. The collection features a variety of semi-precious, faceted gemstones and beads such as different types of quartz, jade, and various kinds of pearls. The metals, wire & chain used to craft this special jewelry include 14K gold filled, sterling silver, and vermeil.

Free shipping through December 15th.

Her collection is light and airy, and evokes white sand beaches as frequently as white powder slopes. What I am trying to say is that June’s jewelry would be perfectly at home on a sarong wearing supermodel in Ibiza, or a fox-furred socialite in Aspen, and you–at work, at play, at that glittering holiday party. It is amazingly beautiful and accessible.

These are a few of my favorites:

Green Garnet Almond Shaped Vermeil Rings
Vermeil Trio Disc Necklace. Look for the gorgeous matching earrings.
Bohemian Chic Earrings.
The Hope and Love Bangle. Would you ever guess that was handmade? So beautiful!

From now, through December 15, there is free shipping on any order, AND, June has offered The Outside Lane, the chance to give away a pair of her gorgeous Gabby earrings. Leave a comment about your favorite piece of personal jewelry here or at The Outside Lane on Facebook, and be entered to win!  “Like” The Outside Lane on Facebook for another chance to win.

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June, Non Seulement un Bijou…

…mais aussi un trésor.*

I had lunch with my friend June, of June Bijou jewelry, today. Aside from how lovely it was to catch up after all these years, I am really looking forward to getting to know her again. I had no idea she had learned metal-smithing, or that was selling her original designs to the likes of Fred Segal and Barney’s New York, and doing private label work for BCBG! I should keep better track of people.

She was so kind as to bring me a pair of her handmade earrings, and I know exactly where to wear them for the first time!

June makes these by hand. I know some amazingly talented women!

If you are coming to the Women Worth Knowing event, June is donating the prize for our giveaway. I can’t wait to see it!

*Nancy, feel free to correct my French. I learned it at Sears. 😉