Nicole Lane Romance

Playing All The Angles

In a whirlwind of desire and temptation, fashion designer Eve D’Amico finds solace in her steamy encounters with Dominic Phillips. Their no-strings-attached arrangement is the perfect antidote to loneliness—except for one major complication: Dominic is dating Eve’s sister, Isabelle.

As the black sheep of the D’Amico family, Eve is no stranger to scandal. But Isabelle is different, the one person who doesn’t judge her for her past. So, the thought of hurting her sister weighs heavily on Eve’s conscience.

Just when a charming new neighbor catches her eye, Eve’s world is upended: Dominic announces plans to marry Isabelle. As if tangled relationships weren’t enough, life throws another curveball, forcing Eve to confront shocking secrets that threaten her happiness and family bonds.

Faced with a dilemma, Eve must choose between exposing the truth to save her sister from a commitment-phobic man or safeguarding her own place in the family by keeping her secrets hidden. For now, she’ll masterfully navigate the chaos, skillfully Playing All the Angles.

Dive into this tantalizing tale of passion, secrets, and the lengths one will go to protect those they love.

A Thousand Words

As Kline Scott, a former underwear model turned rising movie star, stands on the cusp of lasting fame, he needs to polish his image to secure an Academy Award. His manager’s idea of a PR romance doesn’t sit well with him—until scandal strikes. Kline’s steamy affair with his true love, the talented writer Rhiannon Charles, is splashed across the internet, forcing him to rethink his strategy.

Amidst the chaos, Jill Parker, a Tony Award-winning Broadway sensation and Kline’s first love, arrives in LA, fleeing her own image troubles in New York City. As Kline’s showmance begins to unfold, with hundreds of photos capturing every moment, each worth A Thousand Words, his relationship with Rhiannon is put to the test.

Will their love endure the pressure of a carefully crafted public romance, or will the rekindled feelings for Jill prove too strong for Kline to resist? Dive into this captivating story of passion, fame, and the blurred lines between reality and illusion, as love takes center stage.

Coming Summer 2023 from Omnific Publishing,
Distributed by Simon & Schuster