Friends of Mine, Style

Sweet Treats and Heavy Metals by GreyGyrl Star Makers

I met Amber when I was working at the nation’s largest video game retailer.  She, Amy, and I were all expecting at the same time.  Three months apart each, Amber had Breanna, then Amy had Bel, and I had Thor.  And ping, ping, ping, we came back to work.  Then, Amy left, I left, and Amber left, and we’ve all been doing various things since then.  One of the things Amber has been doing, is making jewelry with Breanna.  Creative and amazing on her own, when you add Breanna to the mix, you get a duo of fantastic artists, making one-of-a-kind jewelry.  I love it!

The beautiful Breanna and her red crab resin pendant.

I asked Amber to write up the story behind GreyGyrl, the name of their Etsy store, so I could share it with you all.  I think you’ll love the jewelry!  It ranges from sweet-enough-to-eat, to truly sentimental.

Great advice. Great jewelry.

GreyGyrl – Star Makers is a mother daughter team Amber & Breanna Barnes (age 34 and 7) creating and
designing jewelry pieces.

The idea behind it was to find something fun to do as a hobby that both mommy and daughter enjoyed.
More times than they will actually admit, involved trips to Michaels & Hobby Lobby for weekend art
projects. It was actually Breanna (age 7) who asked the question maybe we can try to make stuff people
wanna buy. Then we can have more money for even more art stuff.

Stuff people might want to buy. I love this one–I think it looks like tattoo art.

So then Amber (age 34) began surfing the world of Google and researched some ideas. Starting
with Resin seemed the most fun. Both mommy and daughter looked at the various charms, shells, and
ideas and began designing. Once a few of the pendants were made with only a dozen or so causalities,
next step was to set up an Etsy Store. Breanna named the store and up went the listings of handmade
pieces for sale. The first few sales however did come from Grandma but the mother daughter duo was
not picky! Now random strangers are finding the little shop and more and more items are being added
all the time!

Some of Amber’s metal stamping work.

Also the types of pendants include Custom and ready-made metal stamped pendants, the latest favorite
etsy style scrabble tiles turned charms, resin and more. It’s a great hobby and a way to make a few extra
bucks while being home with the kids, but the best part is hearing how much someone loves the piece
designed by Breanna (age 7).

I know you know someone who would love to have this one!

Check out GreyGyrl.  These are wonderful people, and lovely jewelry.

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