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Wrapping Jewelry


We are packing to move. Ugh. But in the midst of the ugh, there are always a few opportunities for creativity. I got creative with my jewelry box today. If you’re like me, you love untangling necklaces about as much as you enjoy reaching up inside a raw chicken to pull out the innards. The idea of having to pack all of my necklaces, one by one, so that they didn’t tangle was making my teeth hurt, so I had to find a work-around.

I am fortunate to have a really nice jewelry box. Two Christmases ago, my mother decided I needed a three way mirror and a grand jewelry box, so she gifted me with a 6′ tall, rotating box with 3 mirrored doors. The doors open to create a 3 way mirror. Inside in each door are earring racks, a bracelet rack, and necklace hooks. Inside each cabinet is a ring keeper, another set of necklace hooks, and small cabinets for jewelry that doesn’t fit in the rest.

While most of my stuff is only costume, every piece (right down to a ring out of a literal bubble gum machine) has some sentimental value, and I don’t want to lose any of it. And I also don’t want to have to pack earrings by pairs, or sort through the mess of studs that might fall when the whole jewelry box is moved.

Saran Wrap and packing tape.

I bought Press’n Seal Saran Wrap and wrapped each section of the inner door and cabinet separately, then put packing tape along the edges to hold it in place. On the earring section, I put the wrap on sticky side down. That way, if an earring is jogged out of it’s rack, it will stick where it is. Everywhere else, I used sticky side up. I really don’t want the gunk on the jewelry. On the necklaces, I strapped packing tape across the top, middle and bottoms of the longest strands, so that should hold them all in place nicely.

The move isn’t for a few more days, but I’ll let you know how it works next week. In the meantime, UGH!

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