Kim requested that I start doing a daily What I Wore, again. I will start posting about my closet again soon, but I am in process of a physical move right now, and I only have about a tenth of my wardrobe available. So unless you want to hear about the same 3 pairs of pants, and same 9 shirts for the next 3 weeks… Also, I am very, very cold, so all of my current outfits include the same pair of warm boots (leather slouch boots with a 2.5 inch heel, embellished with straps and buckles) and the same black, polar fleece vest. Cold!

I wish someone would invent warm, pretty gloves, thin enough to type through.

Packing has made me maudlin about my wardrobe, again. Too much. Excessive. Wasteful. Too much, certainly, but in all fairness to my Blue Light Special loving heart, since culling out the closet last year, I wear just about everything I own in a decent rotation. I’m not excessive or wasteful. I’m just messy. I am definitely messy.