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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say…

Today I am wearing the orange Mossimo sheath, and suede, peep-toe Guess semi-booties pictured.  Find the details at my polyvore page.  I like orange.  I don’t look particularly good in it, but with the spray tan, I find I can wear it just fine.  Going forward, this $12 impulse buy will be my “spray tan” dress.

I bought the shoes at TJ Maxx for around $30 two years ago, so I was surprised to see that you could still buy them online.  I love these.  They are very versatile and dress up or down easily.  You can’t see from the photo, but there is a tiny zipper on the outer edge of the shoe that makes for a little foot jewelry.

The earrings shown are similar to what I am wearing, but mine also have some thin, dark wood hoops at the end.  The necklace pictured is two necklaces layered so you get the gist of mine.  Mine is a seed bead bib-style, multi-strand necklace with little cork beads dyed olive green, camel, and burnt orange.  The beads used to be brighter when I wore this in high school (save your jewelry, girls) but now they all have a nice distressed look.

I used to wear this necklace with a cropped tunic and harem pants in a dark brown, burnt orange/gold Egyptian pattern.  That outfit was fantastic.  I don’t care what you say about harem pants, that outfit was AMAZING!

I put in a picture of the wedding band I am wearing, too.  I switch out my wedding bands.  I have my real sets which are both white gold: the engagement ring and band B gave me for our wedding, and a set he gave me for my birthday the first year we were married.  I also have several fakes in various colors of metal and flash.

Most of the time, I wear my engagement ring and band set.  The engagement ring is an emerald cut solitaire on a knife edge band in white gold, and the wedding band is a bead set eternity band in white gold.  Depending upon what I am wearing, or where we are going, I may not want to risk my real rings.  If we’re at the lake, I wear my plain fake band.  If I’m performing, I wear my gigantic flash set.  If I’m wearing warm colors, I need yellow gold.  If I am wearing pearls, I wear my wedding band, but switch out the engagement ring for a pearl my mother gave me.

Today, since I’m wearing orange and warm colored jewelry, I am wearing my fake yellow gold eternity band.  It’s simple and pretty, and nobody knows the difference.  Well, except you.

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Earth-tone Chic

Today’s polyvore picture comes from the Target clearance rack.  If you hurry, you might be able to find this sateen sheath dress in your local store.  I bought the brown and an orange for $12.98 each.  Online, they are still in the $20s (search “Mossimo Sheath Brown” on the Target website.)  The dress fits very well.  It has a little stretch to it, and the neckline is extremely flattering.  Unusually for Mossimo brand, the cap sleeves are sewn properly, making actual sleeves instead of epaulets.

I paired it with my brown wedges from Payless, and let me tell you, everyone who sees these shoes on comments on them.  I started to buy a similar pair at TJ Maxx yesterday, but after paying under $20 for the perfect wedge, I couldn’t make myself pay $50 for anything else.

Allergies are eating away at my looks, especially my eyeballs, so I’ve resorted to glasses today.  My vanity, she is wounded.  Right, you can see the actual glass frames, purchased at Zenni Optical–frames and lenses for $26 plus shipping.  I buy all of my glasses from Zenni now, including a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses.  LOVE them.

Also pictured, bib necklace from Target, and earrings that I’ve had since 1987.  For real.  I bought them at a Contempo store in Columbus Square Mall in Columbus, Georgia.  If these earrings could talk…