Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say…

Today I am wearing the orange Mossimo sheath, and suede, peep-toe Guess semi-booties pictured.  Find the details at my polyvore page.  I like orange.  I don’t look particularly good in it, but with the spray tan, I find I can wear it just fine.  Going forward, this $12 impulse buy will be my “spray tan” dress.

I bought the shoes at TJ Maxx for around $30 two years ago, so I was surprised to see that you could still buy them online.  I love these.  They are very versatile and dress up or down easily.  You can’t see from the photo, but there is a tiny zipper on the outer edge of the shoe that makes for a little foot jewelry.

The earrings shown are similar to what I am wearing, but mine also have some thin, dark wood hoops at the end.  The necklace pictured is two necklaces layered so you get the gist of mine.  Mine is a seed bead bib-style, multi-strand necklace with little cork beads dyed olive green, camel, and burnt orange.  The beads used to be brighter when I wore this in high school (save your jewelry, girls) but now they all have a nice distressed look.

I used to wear this necklace with a cropped tunic and harem pants in a dark brown, burnt orange/gold Egyptian pattern.  That outfit was fantastic.  I don’t care what you say about harem pants, that outfit was AMAZING!

I put in a picture of the wedding band I am wearing, too.  I switch out my wedding bands.  I have my real sets which are both white gold: the engagement ring and band B gave me for our wedding, and a set he gave me for my birthday the first year we were married.  I also have several fakes in various colors of metal and flash.

Most of the time, I wear my engagement ring and band set.  The engagement ring is an emerald cut solitaire on a knife edge band in white gold, and the wedding band is a bead set eternity band in white gold.  Depending upon what I am wearing, or where we are going, I may not want to risk my real rings.  If we’re at the lake, I wear my plain fake band.  If I’m performing, I wear my gigantic flash set.  If I’m wearing warm colors, I need yellow gold.  If I am wearing pearls, I wear my wedding band, but switch out the engagement ring for a pearl my mother gave me.

Today, since I’m wearing orange and warm colored jewelry, I am wearing my fake yellow gold eternity band.  It’s simple and pretty, and nobody knows the difference.  Well, except you.

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