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A Place Review: Muttworks–Yeah, they do!

Muttworks is a nifty little business model that allows people to “detail” their canine friends, like going to a carwash.  You can drop Rover off to be bathed and groomed by professionals, or you can avail yourself of one of the Muttworks self-service stations and scrub him down to your own satisfaction.

I took our mutt, Hoo, to the groomers when we came back from Port Aransas.  They did a great job of shaping up his shaggy bits, and getting the sand burrs out of his beard, but he had some kind of reaction to whatever soap was used and it was dry skin/dandruff city with the poor guy.  Rather than breaking my back trying to take care of business in the backyard, or grodding out the bathtub, I decided to give Muttworks a try.

Hoo and I hopped in the car and headed over on a Saturday.  Now, I like washing dogs.  I think it’s fun, so I was kind of excited to try this out.  Hoo likes baths.  What could go wrong?

If you have a well behaved dog, nothing. 

Muttworks is cleaner than I had expected, had plenty of space for me to work with Hoo, and lived up to their promise to provide all the products and gear I needed to get my pup in prime shape.  Because I was there while the groomers were working, I got a glimpse into how they treated the animals, and I was pleased with what I saw.


Hoo in a quiet moment.  He was deciding at which dog to bark.  See how his fur is turning brown?!
Hoo in a quiet moment. He was deciding at which dog to bark. See how his fur is turning brown?!


While we were waiting for our tub, Hoo and I sat on the floor, where I could keep better control of him.  Poor, little, ill-behaved monster that he is–professional, in-home training starts Wednesday night.  He was going nuts barking–was just beside himself.  And when the Husky, who was getting her blow out, started to talk back to him…

Listen, when we walked in, Muttworks was quiet and pleasant.  We ruined the atmosphere.  I was that mother in the grocery store with the screaming kid, only my kid had four legs, fur, and wanted to eat you.

Mostly, he looked like this.  An attack muppet.
Mostly, he looked like this. An attack muppet.

For all that, and he barked 80% of the time we were in there, I only got a couple of dirty looks.  The employees were very gracious.

But you want to know about how it all worked.  It worked well!  I got Hoo into a tub, scrubbed him down twice and conditioned him, then helped him onto the grooming table and blew him dry in a quarter of the time it takes with my Conair.  We’d have been finished even faster if he’d cooperated a bit more.

I would definitely go back to Muttworks, but I would try to find a time when there are fewer dogs around.  I’m hoping the training sessions help.  He’s such a barky little guy!

Muttworks gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. 

Why not 5?  Allergies.  I ended up in a snowstorm of Husky fur while that pretty girl was getting her blow out, and I thought my head was going to explode for the rest of the day.  It’s not a place to go if you have any sensitivity at all to dander or fur.  But that’s not something that can be helped. 


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When You Have a Hoo

I used to have several excuses not to get out and run in the mornings.  Here are my best ones:

  1. I am afraid to go out by myself.
  2. I have no running shoes, and am not going to spend $$$ to buy them.
  3. I have no time.
  4. I hate running.
  5. I am really, really afraid to be out by myself, like paralyzed with fear that someone is going to jump me from behind, knock me down into that ditch and do horrible things to my half dead body.  Terrified.  Can’t breathe without crying kind of afraid.


  1. I got a dog, so I am not alone.
  2. I found some really good running shoes for super cheap at Ross.
  3. Actually do have time for it, even if I only get up 30 minutes earlier.
  4. I also hate brushing my teeth (I do–hate doing that), but do it anyway, twice a day.  How is running any different?
  5. I got a dog who is quite protective, is going to end up being pretty tall, and who needs more excercise than he’s currently getting.  I have discovered that if I am busy trying to keep him from eating every perceived threat  that crosses our path, I don’t have time to be afraid.  However, I am fairly certain that any real threat would take one look at Hoo, and let us pass on by.

So, after getting Hoo, I upped my walking in the evenings from “Never” to “Sometimes” and almost “Frequently.”  Not quite, but almost.  This morning, I got up early to go jog with him.  We had a nice time, he and I.  He especially loved it when I stopped to fix my sock and he got to stick his tongue so far into my ear that it tickled my brain, which shocked me so much, I toppled over, and he got to climb on top of me, bat me with his massive paws, and swipe his tongue all the way up the left side of my face.  All this time I’ve been afraid of being mauled by a stranger, and it’s my own puppy who is the beast.  I am a little bit in love with this animal.  Just a little bit.

As we were crossing a street, a coyote ran out in front of us.  The coyote barely registered us, giving us just a glance before trotting on by, but Hoo lost his mind.  I’m not sure if he thought, “My people!” or if he thought, “My dinner!” but he wanted that coyote so bad he nearly took my arm out of socket.  The coyote appeared to want a nice thigh from the unwitting warriors out doing the boot camp session in the rec center parking lot. 

They had no idea they were being sized up by a wild animal.  The coyote stood on the edge of the parking lot, eyeing them for a few seconds, then he shot on into the woods.  I guess he didn’t see a weak one he could separate from the pack.  Boot Campers, you lived to see another day! 

We were only out for about 30 minutes, but Hoo was very happy about the outing.  I was, too.  It was nice to get out and go.  Did I run?  Not even a 10th of the way, but I did walk so quickly I might as well have been jogging.  Now my excuse is that my socks come off when I run, so I need new socks, I guess.

I will never like running, but I will always like walking the dog.

My handsome prince.  I love his ears, and his eyebrows, and his beard, and even his sloppy tongue.
My handsome prince who drives away fears. I love his ears, and his eyebrows, and his beard, and even his sloppy tongue.
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Days of Wine and Roses

Things I did today:

  1. Planned meals for the week
  2. Went to the grocery store and bought a rose bush to plant in a hole dog had dug (While B cleaned the house!)
  3. Took off half a toenail with grocery cart wheel
  4. Brought home the groceries*
  5. Put away the groceries
  6. Cooked or prepped to cook meals for the week
  7. Dishes (B had already done one load)
  8. Cleaned up all the dog poop in the yard and pulled weeds
  9. Planted rose bush in a hole dog had dug
  10. Discovered that dog had dug a hole and exposed some cable that shouldn’t have been visible
  11. Worried that dog might think the cable looked good for eating
  12. Went to WalMart for dirt to fill the hole, and bought a tree to put in the hole*
  13. Planted the tree and filled the hole–in the dark, by the light of a flashlight
  14. Sprayed tree and area all around tree with No-Chew spray
  15. Put all the pre-made meals in containers and popped into fridge and freezer
  16. Final load of dishes
  17. Cut finger on broken glass
  18. Repaired finger
  19. Started to sit down and rest, but noticed something strange on the porch
  20. Chased dog around yard with tree roots and palm fronds, growling expletives
  21. Picked up pieces of murdered palm tree and discarded
  22. Poured a large glass of wine
  23. Purchased LivingSocial deal for in-home dog training

I’m ready for Monday.

*With help from the boys