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A Place Review: Muttworks–Yeah, they do!

Muttworks is a nifty little business model that allows people to “detail” their canine friends, like going to a carwash.  You can drop Rover off to be bathed and groomed by professionals, or you can avail yourself of one of the Muttworks self-service stations and scrub him down to your own satisfaction.

I took our mutt, Hoo, to the groomers when we came back from Port Aransas.  They did a great job of shaping up his shaggy bits, and getting the sand burrs out of his beard, but he had some kind of reaction to whatever soap was used and it was dry skin/dandruff city with the poor guy.  Rather than breaking my back trying to take care of business in the backyard, or grodding out the bathtub, I decided to give Muttworks a try.

Hoo and I hopped in the car and headed over on a Saturday.  Now, I like washing dogs.  I think it’s fun, so I was kind of excited to try this out.  Hoo likes baths.  What could go wrong?

If you have a well behaved dog, nothing. 

Muttworks is cleaner than I had expected, had plenty of space for me to work with Hoo, and lived up to their promise to provide all the products and gear I needed to get my pup in prime shape.  Because I was there while the groomers were working, I got a glimpse into how they treated the animals, and I was pleased with what I saw.


Hoo in a quiet moment.  He was deciding at which dog to bark.  See how his fur is turning brown?!
Hoo in a quiet moment. He was deciding at which dog to bark. See how his fur is turning brown?!


While we were waiting for our tub, Hoo and I sat on the floor, where I could keep better control of him.  Poor, little, ill-behaved monster that he is–professional, in-home training starts Wednesday night.  He was going nuts barking–was just beside himself.  And when the Husky, who was getting her blow out, started to talk back to him…

Listen, when we walked in, Muttworks was quiet and pleasant.  We ruined the atmosphere.  I was that mother in the grocery store with the screaming kid, only my kid had four legs, fur, and wanted to eat you.

Mostly, he looked like this.  An attack muppet.
Mostly, he looked like this. An attack muppet.

For all that, and he barked 80% of the time we were in there, I only got a couple of dirty looks.  The employees were very gracious.

But you want to know about how it all worked.  It worked well!  I got Hoo into a tub, scrubbed him down twice and conditioned him, then helped him onto the grooming table and blew him dry in a quarter of the time it takes with my Conair.  We’d have been finished even faster if he’d cooperated a bit more.

I would definitely go back to Muttworks, but I would try to find a time when there are fewer dogs around.  I’m hoping the training sessions help.  He’s such a barky little guy!

Muttworks gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. 

Why not 5?  Allergies.  I ended up in a snowstorm of Husky fur while that pretty girl was getting her blow out, and I thought my head was going to explode for the rest of the day.  It’s not a place to go if you have any sensitivity at all to dander or fur.  But that’s not something that can be helped. 


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