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Curling Up and Staying There!

Let’s talk about the superior hair products I’m enjoying these days.

First, shampoo and conditioner. 

My stylist turned me on to Pureology, and gifted me with a free set of the Hydrate system.  I loved it!  Loved the smell, loved the way my hair felt when I used it, loved it all.  Used it all.  But I cannot pay that much for shampoo on a regular basis, so it will be my Christmas treat to myself in December.

Pureology. Love.

Alexandra also gifted me with a set of Redkin All Soft.  This has become my go-to shampoo and conditioner.  It is significantly less expensive than the Pureology, but does just as nice a job (and you can pick it up at CVS. The convenience makes me happy.)


All soft and shiny.

But the product I am most excited about is the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray that Alexandra introduced me to.  I have really noticed a difference in my hair ends since I’ve been using this.  More, this spray has SERIOUS hold.  My hair holds curl for 2 days when I use it.  My hair holds curl for a couple of hours when I don’t.  This is a huge recommend for me.

Makes my hair do things I never thought possible. Like hold a curl.
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This marketing guy who frequently speaks at Chamber of Commerce meetings, keeps telling people that they need more videos on their blogs.  Me, well, I don’t really stop to watch people’s videos, but if this is the medium you kids these days prefer, who am I to argue?  So here’s a video about how I put in my own highlights.  Enjoy!

I should have done my makeup (more than just mascara) before I made the video.  Ha!

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Days of Christmas: Holiday Have to Have–Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Every time I wear this hairstyle, I get positive comments and questions about how it is done.  Without exception, someone has stopped me in public to ask, leading me to believe it’s a good look.  No one believes me when I tell them it is easy, and takes me fewer than five minutes to fix–in fact, this is my running-late-no-time-to-do-my-hair hairstyle.  And, with a little bit of hair jewelry, it is quite becoming for a holiday look.

You will need 2 hair elastics, a handful of bobby pins (depending upon how thick your hair is–I can get away with between 2 and 4), and an optional embellishment.  The embellishment I use in the video below is a little Scuncii comb I got at WalGreens.

What you’re doing is making two French braid pigtails on either side of your head.  But, instead of gathering hair from above and below the braid, you will only gather hair from below.  This way, the top side of the braid is “open”.  You tuck the opposing pigtail into the “open” side of the braid, pinning the braid up over the pigtail.  And that’s it.  You don’t have to worry about parting or anything.  Just grab some hair and get going.

The most difficult part is making the pigtails. If you aren’t used to French braids, that might take a little time, but it is well worth the effort to learn.  When you’ve got your piggies tucked in tight, you can wear the resulting half crown alone, or glam it up with any number of accoutrements.

My hair looks really fuzzy in the video, but that’s because it had been up in piggie braids all day…because I was running late this morning and didn’t have time to fix my hair 😉

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Blonde on the Inside

In the past 8 weeks, I have colored my hair 7 times.  That’s probably bad.

It started like this:  I decided to go red and used a permanent color (John Frieda), which was really gorgeous, but I had huge streaks of blonde where the color didn’t take well in the back.  So, I grabbed a semi-permanent (no ammonia) color (Natural Instincts) and colored over to get everything.  It was all right, but a little dark.  Still, those semi-perms wash out swiftly, and as much as I swim, I figured I’d be set.

I didn’t account for growth and blonde roots.  After a couple of weeks, I started looking like one of those sad elderly women, whose gray roots are showing out of their bottle-red heads.  So, I grabbed another John Frieda and did myself up right.

Somewhere in the early part of last week, I became extremely tired of having to color in my eyebrows every day.  Jeez!  And style my hair.  Because red hair looks crummy on me if I don’t style it.  I was also finished pretending to be a redhead.  So, as I have done many times in the past, I grabbed up a lighter shade of red from Feria and started easing my way back into blonde.  Ugliest color ever.  I gave it a few days, then grabbed a baby blonde from Feria (as I have done before) and–it did not change the color at all.  Save for the virgin growth at the roots.  Nice.

I had bright, strawberry blonde hair and white roots.

Last night, after pricing out color corrections and the amount of time it would take, I gave up and went back to WalGreens for another semi-permanent color.  This time a L’Oreal in a dark brown.  To kill the freakish red.  So, I have a dark reddish brown head of really well styled hair.

Thank dog it’s just hair, and my husband likes it.  (And it’s still not as bad as that time a salon gave me chemical burns!)