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This marketing guy who frequently speaks at Chamber of Commerce meetings, keeps telling people that they need more videos on their blogs.  Me, well, I don’t really stop to watch people’s videos, but if this is the medium you kids these days prefer, who am I to argue?  So here’s a video about how I put in my own highlights.  Enjoy!

I should have done my makeup (more than just mascara) before I made the video.  Ha!

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Video Post: Cooking with Chef Lane…or something

This is going to horrify Grace. It might actually make her cry and have nightmares.

Here is a video of me cooking dinner tonight. Baked chicken tenders (seasoned with McCormick’s lemon pepper), mashed potatoes (and gravy leftover from dinner at Babe’s), and ginger carrots.

It looks like there are holes in the stove because I was washing two of the eyes. I don’t really have counter space, so I just work where I can. And…yes, I wear latex gloves when I touch raw meat. Eugh!