Blonde on the Inside

In the past 8 weeks, I have colored my hair 7 times.  That’s probably bad.

It started like this:  I decided to go red and used a permanent color (John Frieda), which was really gorgeous, but I had huge streaks of blonde where the color didn’t take well in the back.  So, I grabbed a semi-permanent (no ammonia) color (Natural Instincts) and colored over to get everything.  It was all right, but a little dark.  Still, those semi-perms wash out swiftly, and as much as I swim, I figured I’d be set.

I didn’t account for growth and blonde roots.  After a couple of weeks, I started looking like one of those sad elderly women, whose gray roots are showing out of their bottle-red heads.  So, I grabbed another John Frieda and did myself up right.

Somewhere in the early part of last week, I became extremely tired of having to color in my eyebrows every day.  Jeez!  And style my hair.  Because red hair looks crummy on me if I don’t style it.  I was also finished pretending to be a redhead.  So, as I have done many times in the past, I grabbed up a lighter shade of red from Feria and started easing my way back into blonde.  Ugliest color ever.  I gave it a few days, then grabbed a baby blonde from Feria (as I have done before) and–it did not change the color at all.  Save for the virgin growth at the roots.  Nice.

I had bright, strawberry blonde hair and white roots.

Last night, after pricing out color corrections and the amount of time it would take, I gave up and went back to WalGreens for another semi-permanent color.  This time a L’Oreal in a dark brown.  To kill the freakish red.  So, I have a dark reddish brown head of really well styled hair.

Thank dog it’s just hair, and my husband likes it.  (And it’s still not as bad as that time a salon gave me chemical burns!)

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