Inside Lane

I Got You, Babe

Leading up to our 10th anniversary celebration, I thought I’d run through the list of songs played at our wedding reception (our 2 hour long reception, if it was that long…ha!) and talk about why I picked them.  Starting at the very end of the playlist, we had Sonny & Cher’s, I Got You, Babe.

My girlfriends and I used to play this game called This Song Applies To You on road trips.  We’d pick a radio station, then the next song that came on applied to someone in the car.  Usually, we’d work our way around clockwise.  When that got old, we’d play This Commercial Applies To You.

Renae and I were on our way back from a trip down to see Karen play polka music at festival somewhere close to Mexico (I can never remember the name of the town), and we were a little punchy.  We decided to play the game, only whichever song came on would be the first dance at our weddings.  Mind you, neither of us were even dating anyone at that point.

After several false starts, we ended up with some rules to keep from having to play Highway to Hell at our receptions, and when it was my turn, the oldies station was playing I Got You, Babe.  Most excellent.

Renae got married first, and she managed to get around having to play her song with some live band tomfoolery 😉  So, when B and I got married, I decided that meant I could play fast and loose with placement of my song.  When I was making our playlist, I considered making it the second song, but it seemed like better punctuation of the big day.   That’s how it ended up as the caboose.

Lane Fun Fact:  For years, I thought it was Sonny singing the Cher parts.


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