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NYE–I have a new dress, but I won’t be wearing it for a while

Happy New Year!

Okay, not yet, but I will be asleep when it actually happens, so I’m trying to get out in front of this thing.

About this time, 10 years ago, I would have been looking for my wedding invitations.  My grandmother had hidden them from me.  Piece of work, that one.

Back in 2008, I was looking for a dress to wear to a company formal party.  I came across a gown that made my heart fly up into my throat, and I did my level best to track it down.  I called the company that made the dress.  I called the manufacturer.  I contacted the owner of the website.  It was as if I were describing a cartoon gown to them.  It did not exist outside that one picture I had seen.  

Since then, I’ve searched for it now and then.  Last night, not even looking for it, but looking for something entirely different to wear in Las Vegas, I FOUND IT.  Not only did I find it, but I found it in 5 different colors, in MY SIZE!  I let B pick the color, since he’ll be the one sitting across from it, and then I bought it (I wanted purple, but he looked so sad when I said, “Purple?” that I went with his choice of charcoal.  Gray looks nice on me, so that will work.)  It had better fit.  I will be devastated if it doesn’t.

I asked about your coffee/tea choices yesterday because my friend The Starbucks Barista can profile you based on how you order your drink.  You are all alarmingly normal.  That was both comforting and a little disappointing.

FWIW, I take a Venti Blonde with No Room.  What this means is that I hate Pike roast, am lactose intolerant, and have no time to trifle with sugar bags, which I inevitably drop into my coffee paper and all.


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