Inside Lane


You know, for a while there, I had a good rhythm going with the whole blogging thing.  For a while there.  Not so much anymore.

So what have I been doing?  I don’t know.  The holiday season swallowed me whole, and now I’m dog-paddling, trying to survive until after all the NYE festivities.  I don’t have any festivities planned, but the rest of the world does and they get in the way of my workweek and confuse my schedule.  While I like to pretend to be spontaneous, free-spirited, and mercurial, I am truly regimented, stodgy, and only moody, not mercurial.  I only like Federal Holidays when they come on a Monday or a Friday.  Otherwise, they mess everything up.

Britney started her residency in Las Vegas.  That’s one show I would like to see, but I wouldn’t buy tickets for it.  I feel like going to see Britney in Vegas is like going to see Shamu in Sea World.  It’s cruelty.  Sure, Shamu looks like he enjoys splashing around in a tiny fish tank, and sure Britney looks like she’s–no, she doesn’t even look like she’s having fun.  She only looks happy when she’s making a Starbucks run in her Uggs.

Yes, the run will keep her in Cheetos and mocha frapps, just like Shamu is kept in fish guts and slow moving trainers, but how is it different from making a bear dance in the circus?  The girl lives under a conservatorship.  She can’t even sign the contracts required to lock her into place.

I hope they give her lots of Cheetos.

Meanwhile, I am interested in how you take your coffee.  How do you take your coffee?  Or tea?  Or are you a frappucinno person?



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