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Recipe for Romantic Comedy

I really, really, really wanted to put Recipe for Making Love, sung by Harry Connick, Jr. on our wedding playlist, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. In its absence, I decided on It Had to be You.

That’s #17 on our 18 song playlist.

It’s a good song, but not one I feel any real affection toward. When Harry Met Sally fans often love this song. I am neither a Harry, nor a Sally fan. In fact, I tried to rewatch that movie a few years ago and was horrified at how awful both of those people were. I’m glad they ended up together because I wouldn’t have wished either on anyone else.

When it comes to romantic comedies– I’m hard on romantic comedies. I don’t generally like them unless Shakespeare wrote them. Some of those I like only grudgingly. It’s just that the comedy part of romcom is usually a woman, and we laugh at her because she is a sad sack, a harpy, or a lost lamb in need of the love of a good man to save her.

Best romantic comedy ever: Bringing Up Baby
2nd best romantic comedy ever: Bridget Jones’ Diary

Very different. Very funny.

Not a romantic comedy at all is Sherlock. Molly, the coroner, is in love with Sherlock Holmes, quite obviously. And, quite sadly, she’s also full aware that it’s never going to happen. Unrequited love might be worse when the object of your affection actually has a fondness for you. That’s how it goes for poor Molly.

One of the kindest, sweetest scenes of affection I’ve seen in a long time plays out between those two in the new season’s premier.

I mean, you know that this series’ version of Irene Adler is the only kind of woman this Holmes will ever find attractive, so poor Molly doesn’t stand a chance. She’s too easy, too eager, and too genuine. I’m no fan of Irene Adler, but I’m also no fan of this Holmes as a romantic hero. I’m not into blurters, who live in mind palaces. Or sociopaths.

I’m rambling. Opinions: I have them.

Let’s let Harry Connick, Jr. sing instead. Here’s the song I wanted to be on the playlist:

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