Hoo is what Thor has named his puppy.  It’s an unusual name, but it fits him rather well, as he is an unusual dog.  We really can’t tell what he is.  Animal Services called him an Australian Shepherd, but he has Terrier fur, Schnauzer eyebrows and whiskers, a sleek unfanned tail, and big ole Labrador paws.  He doesn’t appear to have much of a herding instinct, but will steal your cheese pizza when you aren’t looking.

I took him to the vet this morning and dropped him off, and the nurse asked me, “What is his name?”

I said, “Hoo.”

She said, “The dog.  What is his name?”

Thor giggled and I laughed.  “Hoo is the dog’s name.  H-O-O.”

I forsee a great deal of this in his future.  Actually, it works both ways.

I called the clinic to check on him.  “Hi, this is Lane B-,” I said.  “I dropped off my puppy this morning for a check-up.”


“Lane B-,” I said.

“Oh!  No, I meant Hoo, the puppy?  Is Hoo your puppy?”

We both laughed. 

He’s healthy.  They told me how sweet and good he is.  I agreed.

Hoo’s a good boy?  Hoo is.  Yes, he is.  Hoo’s a good boy.