Christmas Day

Our Christmas was eventful.  It started at 2am, when Thor woke up sick, and then restarted again at 4 and 5, and 5:30, when I gave up, got up, and called to find out when Grandma was heading over.  She was here by 6:30, but it was after 7 before Thor felt well enough to get up and paw through his gifts.

His second-to-last gift confused him.  It was full of tennis balls, dog chews, training treats and assorted canine goodies.  I asked him, “Who do you think those are for?”  He said, “I don’t know… a dog?”

Tennis balls, chew toys, and poop scoop bags...what?!
Tennis balls, chew toys, and poop scoop bags…what?!

Then, I gave him the little gold box.  He opened it up to the dog tag and read it aloud.  I asked, “What do you think that means?”  He said, “…Maybe one day I’ll get a dog?”

"Maybe one day I'll get a dog?"
“Maybe one day I’ll get a dog?”

While Daddy and Grandma talked to him, I went to get the puppy (who was dressed in his Santa suit) and carried him into the living room.  I tried to video and give the dog at the same time, which resulted in blurry video work, but I still caught the moment!  You can see it here

Thor was pretty happy.  Very happy.




But not so happy that he could ignore how he felt.  So, we ended up in the ER for 2 hours, but after some iv fluids, some medicine, and rest, he was finally hungry after two days of not wanting to eat at all.  Now, he is snug in bed and his dog, Hoo, is snug in his kennel next to Thor’s bed.

Oh!  And it snowed.  We had a white Christmas!

I’m happy we’re home.  I’m happy we’re all okay.  I am thankful for everything.

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