Puppy Progress

About a week before we were able to unveil Hoo, a neighbor backed into our fence and busted out two support beams and three full slats.  Now, while we are waiting for the landlord to do the repairs, we have about 8 slats into the corner of the fence that are leaning inside the yard, held up only by the bottom support, and a three slat hole that is more than wide enough for a puppy to pounce through.  What to do?

We aren’t going to keep Hoo in the house, save for sleeping in his crate, and the garage doesn’t give him much room.  So, I got a yard stake and a 30 foot lead for him.  The 30 foot lead allows him to go anywhere in the yard or on the patio (where I’ve set up Dogtown with his crate, a bed, and his water bowl tucked securely under the patio table), but pulls him up short about 5 feet from the back fence, keeping him a safe distance from the hole and the cars coming down the back alley.    I also got him a reflective, stretchy harness to wear, so he isn’t being yanked around by his throat, and he can’t slip out of it like his collar.  How are puppy heads so collapsible?  How can they just twist their heads and slide right out of collars?

He seems happy enough.  He plays with his toys, barks at the squirrels, and bounces around with delight for no apparent reason.

Once Thor is finished having the flu, I’m sure he’ll be outside all the time.  Til then, Hoo is extremely patient in letting Thor hold him for long periods of time.  Very much unlike my first dog, upon whose body I had to keep a kung-fu grip, lest she “fall out of my bed”.  Poor Susie.



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