The Aftermath

Happy No More Campaign Commercials Day!  I live in a solid red state, so campaign advertising didn’t really affect me much, but I have friends in Florida and Ohio, who were just inundated with tv, radio, door-to-door and phone call ads warbling, “vote for meeeee!”

I actually got really cranky about the idea of how much it was costing to fly candidates all over the country in the past week.  The physical cost to fly, and I was cranky about the environmental cost.  I’m not even particularly Green and I felt my forehead wrinkling.  But you know what?  In 50 years, when candidates are beaming themselves into my living room at dinner time to beg me for my vote, I am going to miss the days when they had to get on a plane and fly.

At any rate, congratulations to President Obama, and congratulations to my guy, Gary Johnson, on running a good campaign.

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