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Bunnies! Panties! Girls!

Girls’ Night In tonight.  It was a great party courtesy of Amanda, the amazing sugar waxer from Bella Bunni Spas, and her magical massage therapist, Brenda.  Not only did they bring the spa to us, they brought gift certificate giveaways–really good ones, too.

Another great Girls Night In with these fantastic ladies. Some of my best friends in the world!

Amanda and Brenda bring the spa to your party, and make pretty delightful guests themselves!

Amanda and her sugar waxing set up–she turned our office into a spa!
Brenda brought her massage chair and worked out all the knots.

It was a simple spread tonight, just some snacky things to beat the munchies, and a few fun drinks.  Tasha had specially requested a drink called Pink Panties, and I think we were all pretty glad she had!  Mmmm.

Simple snack spread including summer sausage bites and cheese, asparagus tarts, hummus and pretzel chips, and chocolate covered almonds and malted milk balls.
Angela brought margaritas, and Tasha requested the Pink Panties.

Pink Panties Recipe:

  1. 1 can of Pink Lemonade concentrate
  2. 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  3. 1 cup of frozen strawberries
  4. 3/4 cup top shelf Vodka

Drop your strawberries and pink lemonade in the blender, and liquefy, then add the ice cream and vodka and blend until smooth.  Designate a driver, then Serve immediately.

Jamie (who can make ANYTHING) brought homemade limoncello that was fantastic!  Halfed with lemonade, it was even tastier.  Definitely need a designated driver for that one, though.  Whoo!

Thank you so much to Brenda, Amanda, and Jacque for bringing the spa to the party, and we were wowed by the great gift certificates! Check out Bella Bunni and get the girls together at your place!



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