I’m With the Band

It’s funny how fans separate and sort themselves out.  For example:  I heard and loved Duran Duran’s music a full two years before I decided (and yes, it was a willful decision in order to keep the approval of my best friend.  when I first saw them, they frightened me.) to have crushes on them.  Thus, my fandom is superior to someone whose attraction to the band started with their looks.  However, though I was given a number of rarities as gifts, I have only ever bought the studio albums and two videotapes when I was in junior high, so my fandom is inferior to those who have every B-side, Japanese special, and live rarity.  And, I’ve only gone to three of their shows, so my fandom is inferior to those who never miss a local performance.  Then, there are the super fanatics who attempt to collect bodily fluids, and they feel superior to the rest of the fans, but the rest of the fans know better.  Got me?

I overheard these two little girls arguing over which of them was the better One Direction fan, and it made me smile.  Things like that are very important when you are thirteen!  I considered sharing the above with them, but decided that having an old lady butt in on their heated discussion would only ruin their fun.  Because, when you are thirteen, not only are those conversations serious and important, they are also great entertainment.

It’s the same thing with sports.  People who love the Yankees for the rich history of the team’s players feel superior to those who love the team for the number of wins.  People who loved the Mavs when the Mavs were in the toilet feel superior to those who jumped on the bandwagon in 2011.  Ditto Rangers fans.  (I love the Braves because they were my grandfather’s team–and Mark Wholers was my first sports crush, and the Yankees because they are my mother’s team, and I like the Rangers because of Stockholm Syndrome.)

I pretty much admit inferiority in all things fandom.

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