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I have been eating at Chick-Fil-A since you could only find them in malls in Georgia.  I have loved their food almost as long as I have been a conscious being.  But I would no more eat at a restaurant that hung out a sign shouting, “Straights Only,” than I would eat at a restaurant that used its profits to whisper the sentiment.  I will miss those nuggets, though.  Oh well.  I can learn to make them.

The Colorado Shooting

Thor asked me about this.  You know how Jesus said that we would always have the poor with us?  Well, we’ll always have the criminally insane with us, too.  There will always be people who enjoy inflicting pain and suffering, and there will always be victims of those people.  If we ever encounter such a person, I told Thor, we must keep our heads and be calm, and we must not let fear get the better of us.

Gun Control

Bull.  I will always come back to this:  Making it harder for the normal people to get guns does not keep you safe from the nuts and criminals who are looking for a way to wreak havoc.  I am not personally interested in owning guns, even though we do.  However, I am very personally invested in the idea that private citizens’ rights to bear arms must be upheld.  I do not want to live in a place where the only people allowed to carry weapons are the police force and the military.


The TomKat Divorce

Why is it that I fall in love with Tom Cruise’s wives the moment they leave him?



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