Easy Living At Last

Martha Brockenbrough posted a Billie Holiday song on Facebook this morning, and it has set the tone for my entire crazy day.  It was the first dance at her wedding.  In the spirit of friendship, I pass it along to you.

The first “dance” at my wedding was to Etta James.  At Last.  Of Course.  I put dance in scare quotes because there was no dancing allowed in the Methodist church hall where we received our guests after our wedding, so B and I kind of shuffled in a discreet circle off to the side of the room, hoping the Church Nazi wouldn’t shut off the electricity in protest.

Back to your regularly scheduled day.

2 thoughts on “Easy Living At Last”

  1. Not to get all Ren and Footloosey but what is the problem with Methodists and dancing? Why would one want to be a Methodist? They do not seem festive……and this from a woman who’s religion came up with Inquisition but at least they give thumbs up to boozes, making an albeit subdued if joyful noise and host both dances and papally sanctioned gambling via Bingo.

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