Get in the Spotlight at The Outside Lane!

I expect to see an increase in traffic when Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect features The Outside Lane for it’s Sexy Mama Boot Camp on May 22.  I’d like to share the love with you guys.

Leading up to May 22, and for the week after, I will be doing spotlights, similar to the Holiday Guide I did back in December.  If you are interested in participating, and would like me to spotlight your blog, book, column, business, etsy/cafe press store, art, album, YouTube channel, or whatever you have that is legal and family friendly, contact me by May 20 and I’ll get you slotted in.

Contact By:  May 20

With:  What it is you’d like to spotlight.  Images and Links for that thing.  A paragraph or two about you, and your spotlight item.

At:  Lane@TheOutsideLane.com

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