A New Dress



I never liked Kohl’s much previously, but since we’ve moved over to this side of town, I’ve had occasion to visit one a few times, and I’ve found something there every time.  I haven’t bought something every time because I don’t think too highly of their prices, but I’ve found things.  Tonight, because I needed a dress to wear to an event, I headed over there.  I tried on and really loved several things.

I ended up with this dress from the Jennifer Lopez collection, which really surprised me.  Not the dress, since I obviously liked it, or I wouldn’t have pulled it off the rack, but that this was Jennifer Lopez.  It’s so…me.

My new dress. I’m just Laney from the Block.

I absolutely loved everything in the Vera Wang line, and I am also ridiculously fond of the Lauren Conrad collection.  Unfortunately, I only needed one dress, and I won’t buy clothes I don’t need (anymore.)  So, I picked the dress I could get the most wear out of, and then found a handful of accessories to round it out.

A pair of gold earrings and a little gold bangle will set that off nicely, I think.

As a bonus, here is a partial shot of me in another of the JLo collection.  It was a one shoulder, print, mini dress that looked like it belonged on the set of a video filmed on the Golden Girls’ lanai–seriously, how can a mini-dress made by a woman so young, look so very, very old?  So of course I had to try it on.  Thor told me that he hated it.  “Of course not!” He cried when I asked if I should buy it.  When I asked why not, he said, “Because part of your body is sticking out of it!”

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. Because, in this ode to Blanche Devereaux, those rocks would be gallstones.


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