I Am Starting to Believe in Socialized Medicine–God Help Us All

I keep writing and rewriting this entry, but I think the best thing to do is just to link you to the story I keep trying to write about.  In short, the Texas Women’s Health Program is over.  It is yet another finger thrown at women by politicians and special interest groups lobbying against women’s health care (unless the care is exactly what that special interest group thinks is in the best interest of the woman), and a sucker punch to under-insured, uninsured, impoverished women and families.

You know what?  If my tax dollars fund wars and build highways, what is the difference if my tax dollars fund someone’s health?  I would gladly, gladly (and do through charitable giving) share in the burden of healthcare costs.  I would much rather fund someone’s flu shot, than someone’s ammo clip to be emptied into innocent citizens in a warzone.  I don’t care if some people are too lazy to work for their own money–I care about the people who try hard and still can’t help themselves.

Bite me, Mitt Romney.  Bite me, Rick Santorum.  Bite me, Newt Gingrich.  I would vote for Hillary Clinton over any of you in a heartbeat.  Without question.  Without regret.  Without looking back.  I would rather socialize the entire medical system than see this.  I cannot believe I ever carried a Republican Party registration card.

Big Church, you can bite me too.  Jesus healed the sick, you morons, without ever asking which god they believed in.  He didn’t take away their access to healthcare because of how they came to need it.  I would rather dance naked in the woods and honor nature than share a pew with you.  You are disgusting.  And I understand more and more why Jesus spent his time with loan sharks and hooligans–because your sparkling clean collars are filthier than a $2 whore’s underpants.

Writer, Andrea Grimes, posted on her Hay Ladies blog today:

By the end of April, the Texas Women’s Health Program will either be a thing of the past or a shadow of its former self, as I report today for RHRealityCheck.org.

If a Republican tells you the loss of the Women’s Health Program in Texas is the Obama administration’s fault, ask them to answer one question:

  1. If Republicans in Texas care so deeply about (1) saving money and (2) women’s health care, why did they slash the family planning budget, thereby increasing unwanted pregnancies, increasing abortions and increasing overall cost to taxpayers who will now be funding Medicaid births?

Guess the [frick] what: Planned Parenthood isn’t going anywhere. (And shouldn’t.) But access to reproductive and preventative care for low-income and uninsured is. As of tomorrow.

1 thought on “I Am Starting to Believe in Socialized Medicine–God Help Us All”

  1. Oh you have hit a button with me on this one. I’m going to, for the benefit of blood pressure do nothing but say I couldn’t agree more on anything you’ve said. All of it.

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