I haven’t heard anything back from the National Anthem audition, and since it happened Feb. 21, and they told me letters would be sent out to winners within 3 weeks, I’m pretty sure I won’t be.  Nothing wrong with that, though.  The point was to have the experience, and I had it.  Yay!  I also gave myself the experience of submitting a video-audition through the X Factor’s website–accidentally.

That is, I fully intended to submit an audition, but I thought I was just doing a trial run, so I did it in my jammies, having just rolled out of bed, and answered the Simon Cowell questions with bemusement from under a fan, so my voice is nearly drowned out with static sounds.  I did not realize it was the actual audition.  Bwahahaha!  The interns whose job I’m sure it is to cull through the chaff will likely have a great laugh over my Buddy Holly frames and Fraggle hair.  I will be the Why Factor.  If I can figure out how to pull the video, I’ll link it.  Why should interns have all the fun?

I think I could re-record and re-submit, but I haven’t found the time yet.  Maybe I should go do that now?

Lookie here.  Look what I found.  You have to suffer through my inane answers to the interview questions to get to my 45-some-seconds of God Bless the Child.  If you click the button to “watch with questions” it will make more sense.  Well, it will have some continuity anyway.