Last night’s dinner was an exercise in failure that went something like this: Thor ate Life cereal, I ate Raisin Bran, B ate the last of the Chinese leftovers.

So the White Puree is extremely pungent. The cauliflower is almost overwhelming, and when I opened its ziplock baggie, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I mixed it into my mashed potatoes, where it hid nicely, but it smelled so strongly of cauliflower, I knew it wasn’t going to work. It tasted fine. I added a little ranch dressing and then it tasted nice enough that I felt okay serving it.

Thor went full on LOLcat Do Not Want. “It smells green!” He cried. “I know there is something green in there!” I promised him up one side and down the other that there was nothing green, but he wouldn’t budge. He did agree to eat three bites, which is more than I expected, but he insisted those potatoes were full of “green” and he does not eat “green”.

I thought I would save the potatoes to make potato pancakes, but B threw them away before I could. I think he was acting preemptively.

I made cube steaks for the entree, but the cuts of beef I picked up were tough and stringy, and when B made a show of chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, gulping a bite down whole (googly eyes and all), I just gave it up. Cereal is fine.

So what I have learned to this point: The sneaky chef mixed purees aren’t working for my family. I guess I will try the Seinfeld purees, which are simply purees of a single veg at a time, and see how that goes. I ground up some squash last night, but I’m almost afraid to try anything else.

P.S. Thor did not eat his cheeseburgers for lunch. He told me he ate on them until he found “green” inside, then he threw them away. Because, “Mama, you know I don’t eat green.”