Chef Lane

But Mama, It’s Green!

I made my Sneaky Sliders tonight. Because I had pre-made the Green Puree, prep time was next to nothing. I just had to mix my ground beef with the other ingredients, and cook the patties. What I learned:

Lesson, the first: The puree must be entirely smooth, or else your son will bite into his Sneaky Slider and howl with horror and outrage at the sight of the green pea shell, visible within his tiny burger patty.

Lesson, the second: Add more ketchup than the recipe requires, and less Green Puree, or else your husband will wrinkle his nose at you and say he tastes vegetables.

Lesson, the third: You can’t please everyone, and if you do say so yourself, those were mighty tasty little burgers!

So I failed at fully camouflaging the vegetables, but Thor did eat two burgers (the second one under duress, as he found the peas), and B went back for seconds, eating six, so I didn’t fail entirely. If I had, B would have pulled out the leftover Chinese from yesterday, or made a ham sandwich. I had four patties left over, so two of them are going to school with Thor tomorrow for lunch (we’ll see if he remembers there are peas in them after recess and he’s good and hungry), and I’ll eat the other two for breakfast.

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