Thank You, Dr. Freud

Sometimes it is just a cigar.

I am taking a break from a specific website (which is sad because it is one of the only sites I can see from work now, and my days get long) because I am just tired of the drama. Racist! Sexist! ‘Phobic! Everything is an exclamation, and three quarters of the time it is inflammation. It’s gotten to the point that they can’t even keep themselves and their own rules straight, and it’s gotten to the point that I am deleting more comments than I am posting. Don’t want to offend anyone, and don’t want to pee in anyone’s playground.

This means finding new ways of entertaining myself, of course. isn’t all that amusing. Maybe I’ll subscribe to At least I know the editors there are trustworthy and generally quite straight forward.

3 responses to “Thank You, Dr. Freud”

  1. I wouldn’t go THAT far … maybe try!

    (Did you know my erstwhile Austin friend Katherine whom you met went to I guess she likes it. Haven’t heard from her in a bit.)

    And have you been on LJ since Friday? You have a new friend.

    1. Good for Katherine!

      I just found my new friend and think reading his blog will be delightful.

  2. Chortle. Well, we’ll see. It’s pretty mundane so far. But summer is coming!

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