Women Worth Knowing: Meet Melinda

I met Melinda when we were working together as vocalists in a Latin jazz band. When that tall, confident drink of redheaded water walked into the rehearsal hall for the first time, I thought, “Great. Now I really have to go on a diet. And get a better bra. And do something with my hair. And grow about six inches.” But I quickly learned that one of the nicest things about Melinda is that she shares her spotlight with ease and graciousness, and even if you can’t stretch yourself out to meet her long-legged beauty ideal, she’ll make you feel comfortable enough that it doesn’t even matter anymore. There isn’t even the slightest whiff of Mean Girl about her. Oh…and probably the most important thing, she introduced me to the $8 store!!!

Melinda is a true romantic, and lovely soul. She looks for the good in people, and strives to be her best self in any relationship. She is creative, and kind, and is absolutely fearless.

I could say a lot more, but I don’t want to step on the toes of what she sent in response to the Q&A, so here she is in her own words.

Meet Melinda.

Name: Melinda
Age: Mid-fabulous 40s
Preferred Job Title: Sustainability Communications Coordinator
Industry: Local Government/Green Initiatives

Who are you?
I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a lover and a friend. I am vulnerable and fearless.

Describe your family:
I’m a single mom with two fabulous children, Chandler (21) and Delilah (6). My parents were high school sweethearts and even after their divorce, remained friends. My mother passed away a year and a half ago.

The first hour of my day:
I subscribe to a night owl lifestyle and prefer the first hour of my day to begin as late as possible while lounging in bed sipping coffee. This preference isn’t exactly conducive to being gainfully employed, so I drag myself out of bed at the last possible moment after soundly abusing my alarm clock.

The last hour of my day:
Reflective. Sentimental. Worn.

As for the rest:
The life of a full-time mom and professional is a non-stop circus of chaos and joy. In between the lion-taming act and balancing on the high wire, I enjoy being with my family and staying in contact with my wonderful extended family comprised of close friends.

I am dedicated to making the world a better place for my children, thinking globally and acting locally. Whether its environmental issues or simply preserving our cultural/historical treasures, our legacy as a generation is hinged on personal accountability and responsible stewardship.

My priorities in life begin with God…I feel like a child in His presence. Sometimes faithful and focused, but at other times rebellious and questioning. Thankfully, I am a work in progress.

A pop culture diva, I am a singer, avid reader, television junkie and movie fanatic. My brain has more useless information stored away in the form of trivia that I fear alot of important files have been overwritten or deleted altogether…

I’m getting older and wondering about the significance of my life and if I’ve accomplished anything meaningful. I know where my ashes will be scattered when I die, but the burning question is, “What next?”

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