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My family succumbed to whatever it was I suffered through yesterday and this morning, so by the time I had cooked my grilled tilapia with mango salsa, they were out. I just got around to trying it. Not bad.

It’s a little bland. I under-salted both the fish and the salsa, but that’s okay. The fish is nice and flaky, and the marinade seems good. I think I’d like the salsa to be a little sweeter. I might put a pinch of sugar in the next batch.

We’ll see if the fish reheats well, tomorrow. (My gag reflex works at the idea of eating reheated fish. We may just throw it away. I dunno.)

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Getting Cooking

I am not much of a cook. I’m okay, but it’s real work. My greatest accomplishment of the year was not setting anything on fire, and I managed to fry chicken last week. Since we’ve moved into the new place, and since my commute and Thor’s school line up with it, I am endeavoring to cook at home every week night. I thought I would share my adventures.

We didn’t move our whole kitchen into the townhouse. Right now, I have a single pot, a single skillet, a baking square, and a le creuset dutch oven to work with. I won’t move my whole kitchen until we’re in our new place, but next weekend I’m going to go get the rest of my le creuset set, so I’ll have another skillet, and a couple more pots. Until then, my cooking is all about timing out what I need to cook first.

B doesn’t like to eat vegetables, but does like salad, so I served three of those last week. Ahead of time, I chopped up red, yellow, and green peppers, and carrots, and put those in baggies. I bought shelled pistachios, and bags of salad. I split out the salad into gigantic ziplocs, then, as I served, would add peppers, carrots and nuts, and B’s favorite salad dressing, shake and plate.

Tonight, I premade this recipe for grilled tilapia and mango salsa to cook tomorrow. The mango salsa too a hella long time to finish, and I’m not sure my mango was entirely ripe. I’ll let you know how it turns out.