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30 Years with Jamie

30 years ago, school was letting out for the summer.  We had been in Texas for six months, and I had yet to make any friendships that would stick.  I was headed for daycamp at Evangel Temple, where I was pretty sure I would be miserable–I had been miserable at the Evangel Temple school, so what could possibly be different?

Jamie Anne, is what.

For the first few weeks of camp, Jamie and I were half of a foursome (rounded out by Moddy and Sheila) that was ultimately deemed to dangerous to be allowed to continue.  When the camp counselors broke up our “gang” (I’m telling you, Evangel Temple was a prison camp) Jamie and I went one way, and Moddy and Sheila another til the end of the summer.  Then, we were all scattered.  Moddy and Sheila back to their schools, Jamie to Evangel Temple’s 6th grade, and me off to Hockaday, where I would learn that there were fates worse than Evangel Temple.

But, summer came again, and Jamie and I were delighted to find ourselves at the same YMCA daycamp, where we wreaked our special brand of havoc once more.

We have gone to daycamps together, worked as Candy Stripers together, had a thousand sleepovers, gone to clubs, had family vacations, watched each other’s children…everything.  Jamie has real siblings, whose blood ties to her I have always envied, but she has always been sister-close to me.  I love Jamie.  She is better people than you will meet accidentally.

Jamie is and has always been the most generous person I’ve known.  She is kind and considerate, and careful with the feelings of others.  She is a true home maker for her family.  She is a great and gracious hostess.  She remembers important things, and is just naturally a good friend to anyone.  If anything happened to Bryan and me, she and Wes are the people I would trust with Thor.  You might not know, but Jamie knows the full meaning behind those words.  I trust Jamie with more than my life.  I trust Jamie with Thor’s life.

If you’re so inclined, take a gander at Jamie’s blog A Dash of Domestic.  She’s fantastic.


Jamie Anne (on the right) and me at age 13 in the 80s.


And us from the 90s (I’m pretty sure that was summer of 1990, given my retainer and hairstyle), and the 10s.


Here’s to 30 more years, Jamie.  And 30 more after that!

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Friends of Mine

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been editing and reliving my youth.

Me singing along to Friends of Mine--shouting along, really.
A bunch of my girlfriends and I hauled ourselves up to Oklahoma to see Duran Duran play at the Winstar Casino on Friday night. As I’ve said, I haven’t been to a Duran Duran show since 1989, so I was pretty excited. Excited enough that I dodged a barricade and got right up against the stage, where I commenced to bopping around like the person I thought I was too cool to be when I was 17. Pffff. I’m not cool and no one cares anyway. I’m going to dance and sing along!

I did. In 5″ heels.

The show was great. The band sounded fantastic, and looked better than they have in years. There wasn’t a lot of audience engagement or excitement from the band (until the encore), which made it feel a bit like watching a pre-taped show, but the band had also just come from SXSW and had apparently had a miserable struggle against traffic to make it to the OK venue. The sound was good enough that the rest really didn’t matter. I am so glad I did it! So glad I went.

In general, I dislike live shows. They don’t usually sound as good as I want them to, and I also dislike being shoved and battered by overzealous fans. You have to be polite people. John Taylor doesn’t want to marry you now. He especially won’t if you have blood all over your shoes and pants legs after trampling half of Dallas to get to him. Not a good look.

I made it half the show up at the stage, got all the photos I wanted, then enjoyed the expressions of surprise as I salmoned my way away from the band and back to where most of my friends were sitting. I spent the last half of the show dancing with my girlfriends and having more fun than I’ve had in ages. I know some delightful girls.

Some photos for you:

I tried to get everyone, but the drums and keyboards are backlit half the time, so it’s very difficult to get any good shots of Roger or Nick. And Roger’s hidden anyway. But those are nice, and I did have a great time. Did I mention the great time?

Saturday morning was the Women Worth Knowing event, and you can find video of Charlcye’s fantastic session over on the brand spanking new More to come on that site as I am able to edit old content into the new digs.

Saturday evening, I met up with girlfriends again to have dinner at Palomino’s. I’d never been there before, but was very impressed. The food was lovely.

Now, I am recuperating from the festivities, having gotten home between midnight and 2am all weekend.

Back to regular blogging next week. Hope your weekend was as much fun as mine!

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June, Non Seulement un Bijou…

…mais aussi un trésor.*

I had lunch with my friend June, of June Bijou jewelry, today. Aside from how lovely it was to catch up after all these years, I am really looking forward to getting to know her again. I had no idea she had learned metal-smithing, or that was selling her original designs to the likes of Fred Segal and Barney’s New York, and doing private label work for BCBG! I should keep better track of people.

She was so kind as to bring me a pair of her handmade earrings, and I know exactly where to wear them for the first time!

June makes these by hand. I know some amazingly talented women!

If you are coming to the Women Worth Knowing event, June is donating the prize for our giveaway. I can’t wait to see it!

*Nancy, feel free to correct my French. I learned it at Sears. 😉