Inside Lane


I meet a lot of different people on a daily basis, and I have a lot of opportunity to reflect on choices, and consequences, and I think a lot about how our beginnings inform our middles and ends.  I was extremely fortunate to have parents who thought my well being was important.  I was extremely fortunate to have grandparents who thought the same.  I had the good fortune to be surrounded by adults, who all did their best by me, and it’s made it possible for me to do even better for my child.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I don’t even want  to qualify any of those statements.  I just want to say them.  All my grown people did the very best they could for me, with what they had.  They all loved me.  They all cared for me.  They all tried their best to make sure I would have a life that was easier than theirs.  And they accomplished that.


I miss Walter Cronkite.

#Ferguson, #ISIS, #Gaza…those would all be better served by a journalist who took his job more seriously than clicks, and who delivered a news that allowed you to form your own opinion, rather than issuing you one.

Although, I might miss Walter Cronkite because I used to think he and Captain Kangaroo were the same person, and I loved Captain Kangaroo.  He was friends with Mr. Greenjeans, who was the coolest.


B and I started watching Wilfred, the Elijah Wood tv dramedy, and it’s pretty great.  If you like existential humor, and off-kilter psycho-comedies, you’ll enjoy it.


Now I’m going to bed.


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