Inside Lane

New Book Signing Information

I’m sitting in a cafeteria, typing from my bluetooth keyboard, to my cell phone.  I feel really techie.  I’m remembering a purse I wanted really badly, when I was a teen.  It was was a telephone purse, and was made with a real, working telephone. 

It was a great concept, but the problem was where you could plug it in to use it.  I never bought it because I could never think of anywhere good to plug in the phone.

I am telling you that my 14 year old self would be REALLY impressed by me. Not just because of my hot pink keyboard, but also because I got an email from the Southlake B&N, inviting me to come sign books on June 14.

If you are in the area, I will be there from 2–4pm, signing PLAYING ALL THE ANGLES.

I need to start practicing my pen name signature.  14 year old me would be scribbing it on her binder.

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