Inside Lane

Staying Alive

I have that song stuck in my head.  As songs go, it isn’t bad, but I don’t know the words.  That makes it a little unbearable.

Summer is coming!  I have never been so excited at the prospect of being warm before. This past winter felt endless and brutal, with not just our usual one ice storm, but three of them that closed schools and kept me off the roads.  I’m ready to complain about the heat now.  Excited to.

I am also excited at the prospect of getting TIARA TROUBLE into audio book form.  There are plans in the works, and I’ll let you know more about that as things develop.  In any case, you can expect MISS MAYHEM later this year.  There’ve been a few hold-ups, but I’m optimistic for a release date.

Meanwhile, I’m having an unusual amount of fun studying for some financial advisory licensing.  Who knew I cared about the difference between open- and closed-ended funds?  It’s nice to learn something that is legitimately new to me, that makes me stretch my brain to understand, and that is genuinely useful.  I’ve gotten mentally fat on philosophy, fiction, and celebrity gossip, so this has been like a boot camp for my capacity to learn.

You know what I love?  That feeling that happens when the pieces start to click.  When the word salad of all the new terminology starts to make sense, and I can grasp not just the meanings of the words, but how to use them meaningfully.

Learning is fun.

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