We’ve got a snow day here!  Ice day, actually.  Texas doesn’t get nice, fluffy snow.  We get thunder-sleet storms that drop inches of ice on the roads.  Cold weather people laugh at us for how everything shuts down when we get one of these storms, but trust me: You don’t want a Texan driving on ice.

So, I’m sitting here on the sofa with my best bud beside me, Mom on the other end, and B in his office working (when you work from home, there are no snow days.)  Even Hoo is inside in his indoor crate.  I’ve felt sorry for him, so he’s gotten all kinds of treats, including half my breakfast.

I’m about to hunker down to writing on MISS MAYHEM, but before that, I’d like to remind you that when you purchase TIARA TROUBLE this month, all my eBook royalties are going directly to The Senior Source.  If you buy a print copy of the book in December, send me a picture of the receipt, and I’ll match my eBook royalty to that sale.

Now.  The headphones are going on and I’m tuning out the world so I can wake up the Destinee Faith Miller side of my brain.  She’s got a mystery to solve.