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Buy a Book, Boost a Senior Citizen!

Every year, I do a special holiday shopping guide of my favorite things.  This year, I’m doing it a little differently.  I am only hawking one item because ALL the proceeds from the sale will go DIRECTLY to helping Senior Citizens through The Senior Source.

For the month of December, I am donating all royalties from eBook sales of TIARA TROUBLE to The Senior Source.  That’s $2.09 going to help the elderly out of each sale of the $2.99 eBook.

My grandparents were all of significant importance to me, and my great-grandparents were for my mom and dad.  We were all fortunate to have had our people around for good lengths of time, and fortunate to have been able to keep them either with us until they passed away, or in very good elder care situations.  A lot of families, a lot of individuals aren’t as fortunate.  That’s why I love The Senior Source.

This is what they are about:

Who We Are

Since 1961, The Senior Source has served greater Dallas as the go-to nonprofit for aging services.  We assist older adults at all income levels from the most active to the very frail. People come to us for help with job searches, nursing home advocacy, money management, volunteer opportunities and counseling on any aging issue.

The Senior Source is a United Way service provider. 

What We Do

  • Provide help to older adults and caregivers of aging loved ones
  • Offer money management services and consultations
  • Assist with job search and employment opportunities
  • Advocate for nursing home and assisted living residents
  • Educate the community on issues affecting older adults
  • Coordinate volunteer activities for older adults
  • Place older adults as elementary school tutors and mentors
  • Provide companions for low income, frail elderly

So, when you’re doing your holiday shopping, please consider buying a copy of TIARA TROUBLE as a gift.  For every eBook sold, my full royalty will go into helping the people who first helped us–our elderly.  If you buy a print copy, send me a picture of the receipt (, and I’ll match my eBook royalty for that sale.  $2.99 is less than the cost of activating a gift card!

Let’s go for it, and help make some money for Senior Citizens.

Click me to help a Senior Citizen!

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