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Niche Markets and Nice Surprises

Very nice reviews over at Ai Love Books and  Sapphyria’s Book Reviews today.  Also on Sapphyria’s blog, you can read up about my propensity to pretend I am smarter than I actually am.  Not that you haven’t already experienced this yourselves.

So, my book cover is a nice, strawberry ice-cream pink, with tiaras in the title and hanging off the title itself, and the back cover says pageant, pageant, pageant–I knew going in that this would be off-putting to hundreds of thousands of people, and it is exactly why I did not try to book any author events at the womyn’s bookstore.  I fully expected to attract a niche audience, though I hoped (still hope) to draw a larger group.

I have been so pleased, and so appreciative of the bloggers who have hosted my tour, and who have said things like, “I’m not a pageant person,” or, “I don’t like beauty pageants,” or “I never cared about pageants,” only to talk about how Destinee won them over.  I really love Destinee, and I’ve said I tried to write a character I wouldn’t mind taking on a road trip.  It feels really good when I see those reviews saying despite their initial misgivings, they enjoyed spending a few hours in the proverbial car with Destinee.

My mother has surgery next week, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be online.  No internet at her house (how?!) and the Starbucks down the street closed (seriously?!)  I will try to queue up a few entries, but if there’s radio silence, consider it a great time to read Tiara Trouble.

Oh, and to celebrate the Miss Universe pageant being held tomorrow night, Tiara Trouble goes on sale for Kindle on Saturday.  99 cents!  Go, Miss USA!

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