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Happy Little Reviews and Problem Children

There is a happy little review of Tiara Trouble over on Brooke Blog’s today.  I’m glad she’s looking forward to the next installment!  So am I.  Now, if it would only cooperate, we could all be happy.

I’ve rewritten the first half of the book five times now.  I’m on the sixth iteration of it.  Each time I think, “This one is it!”  So far, I’ve been wrong.  Outside of making the plot iron out properly, I am very worried that the next one won’t be funny at all.  I’m afraid I used up all my pageant humor.  I definitely used up all my funeral humor.

Middle children are the rebels, though, right?  So if TIARA TROUBLE is the first born, and MISS MAYHEM is the problem child, then whatever the third one ends up being named should be the happy-go-lucky, adored baby of the family, yes?  I just need to get MISS MAYHEM born.

Meanwhile, I am awaiting word on the romance novel.  I use that term loosely.  Romance, I mean.  It’s definitely a novel.  I submitted it about a month ago, and got a request for the full manuscript about a week later.  Last week, I realized that I responded to the request for the full manuscript using the wrong subject line.  The publisher had asked for a very specific subject line.

When I saw that, I panicked and thought I’d either sent myself back to the slush pile, or I had ruined my chances by being careless.  I emailed an apology with the proper subject heading and got a response (on Friday) that the manuscript had made it through the first time, and was in the final stages of the submission process, and I’d hear from the publishing house within the next week.  Tomorrow marks the end of “within the next week.”  So, I’m watching my email like a hawk.

On the plus side, I do feel like with that submission I finally got the hang of the query process.  I think I have the hang of how to write a good synopsis, and have a decent grasp of the log line.  You know, words I rarely used in my everyday vernacular up until a few months ago.  Funny how every trade has its own language.



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