Happy Halloween, y’all!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Just as soon as the next link goes live on my blog tour, I’ll share it with you.  In the meantime…

It’s been kind of a crazy few days.  We’ve had a whirlwind of medical visits for my mom, and it’s culminated with the need for open heart surgery.  We’ll be getting her set up for that in the next week, or so.  Then, we’ll get her recovered and back on her way to playing baseball and running a paper route.

I want to give my husband a big shout out because after I shared all the information about my available leave time, FMLA requirements and all that, a day later he came back to me with how much time he has available and offered to use it all to help care for my mom.  I know I married a good man because I live with him every day, but things like that really make me take pause and appreciate what a good man he is.  Being good to my mother is the way to my heart.  Forget diamonds.  Just be good to my mom.

I do wish my parents had given me an older sibling, though.  Preferably one who  would be a patient, kind nurse.  Then we could take turns.  I could be the bossy, Border Collie sibling who nipped at Mom’s ankles to make her do what the doctors have ordered, and Big Sis could be the sweet, gentle one who soothed Mom’s frayed ends.  I’m better at herding than healing. #Capricorn

Alas, I am an only child, so I’ll have to manage my tendencies to be a stress-tyrant and try hard to be a stess-managed-benevolent-helper.  That laughing you hear is my inner-voice.