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Women Worth Knowing: Sergeant Sassypants of the Grown Ass Woman Brigade

For those of you who have been playing along since 2007, you’ll remember that the Women Worth Knowing Project started out as Wonder Woman Wednesdays.  I was talking to a friend about a friend, and realized they needed to know each other.  As I started making introductions, I started realizing just how special and wonderful every woman friend I had was.

To make it a little easier on myself, I decided to start introducing them to one another through a Q&A profile sheet with a short bio from me.  Awesome people need to know other awesome people.  Then, I started thinking, “These women are inspiring,” and I decided that the rest of the world should get to know them, too.  So Women Worth Knowing was born and I started posting profiles of any interesting woman I met.

You know why?  Because y’all need to meet each other!  I’ve gotten to watch careers begin and successes unfold when my friends have been introduced.

A few months back, during the WWK lull, one of my neighbors pointed me in the direction of the Grown Ass Woman Brigade.  I laughed when I saw the name, but I got a happy little chill when I read this:

I was having a really terrific conversation with my friend, Suzanne, one day when I had a revelation.  “You know,” I said, “it’s just so nice to be talking to another…grown ass woman.”  Suz immediately understood what I meant.  It’s hard to meet other women who are creative and strong and smart and okay in their own skin.  No crazy drama…no weird insecurity…no inexplicable competitiveness.

I like to call them grown ass women and I am lucky to have met quite a few.  My goal here was to introduce these friends and maybe create a nurturing, supportive network of amazing and fun women.  -Heather, GAWB co-founder

Doesn’t that sound just like the Women Worth Knowing Project?  And since I have been a member of GAWB, I have seen women throwing all their resources together to help boost one another up and over every ledge, ladder, and wall you can imagine.  From health and family, to career and networking, these ladies share their lives with one another to help out as a community.  It’s pretty wonderful.

I was talking with Heather and asked if I could link up WWK with GAWB and start interviewing the membership for the project.  I am still very excited that she said yes.

So, to kick off the re-re-restart of the Women Worth Knowing Project, I’d like to introduce you to Sgt. Sassypants, the mascot of the Grown Ass Woman Brigade.

Sergeant Sassypants, at your service.
Sergeant Sassypants, at your service.

Sgt. Sassypants is capable, compassionate, drama-free, ugly-insecurity free, determined, dedicated, and looks great on a t-shirt.  She’s Rosie the Riveter for the roaring 21st Century.  She will bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never let you forget she’s equal to any man.

Since GAWB’s inception, co-founders Heather and Suzanne, have worked to build a base of women worthy of the name.  We even have mini-GAWBs, who will grow up to rule the world.  Not only that, but they have branched out into public service.

Sassypants Nightengale.  Going to keep you in top form!
Sassypants Nightengale. Going to keep you in top form!

And they have instituted an annual charity ball–The Red Dress Ball.

Spiceypants.  I'd like her to have a tiara, but that's just me.  You know how I am about tiaras.
Spiceypants. I’d like her to have a tiara, but that’s just me. You know how I am about tiaras.

I haven’t been able to attend a Red Dress Ball, yet.  Why?  What could keep me from dressing up and dancing the night away?  Geography.  Until recently, most of the GAWBs were based in Florida.  But, Heather is moving my way, and our Texas GAWB chapter is starting to hop.  I’m looking forward to boring my husband with details of dress shopping to find that perfect red for the next ball.

In the weeks to come, you’re going to meet some of the GAWBs.  We’re going to start with Patricia, since she’s the one who introduced me to the group, and because you’ll wonder where she’s been all your life once I tell you about her.

Meanwhile, if you are a woman worth knowing, or you know a woman worth knowing, email me.  lane (at) theoutsidelane (dot) com.




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