When Lazy and Nihilistic Have a Baby, and GIVEAWAY!

An 18 wheeler full of beer just pulled up alongside my building and unloaded 34 kegs onto the sidewalk.  I have a feeling they meant to be on the other side of our building, which shares parking with a tavern and 3 restaurants.  I’m watching the driver run fulls over (to the tavern, I am assuming), and bring the empties back to his truck.  Nice day for it, at least.

So, tomorrow are the auditions for the community theater.  Even though I’ve had weeks to prepare, I’ve done nothing toward it.  This is nothing new.  I always tell myself, “I’ll prepare.”  Then, a day before, I tell myself, “Well, if you can’t ace it without preparation, you didn’t need to be doing it anyway.” 

That’s what it looks like when Lazy and Nihilistic have a baby.

I’m still leaning toward going, if only because I need to do something outside my comfort zone before I become a full on hermit.  As I’ve said, worst case scenario is I come back with an embarrassing story to relate to you all, and that’s still full of win, so I may as well go.

And, In case you missed it:

We’ve just hit 100 subscribers to The Outside Lane, so it’s time to celebrate!


The giveaways of Some of my Favorite Things will be done by random drawing on Tuesday, May 6.  You have until 11:59 pm, Monday, May 5 to get your name in the drawing as many times as you like.  To get in on the drawing do one, or all of the following as many times as you like:

  1. Leave a comment on ANY entry from the blog
  2. “Like” the Facebook page
  3. Leave a comment on the Facebook page
  4. Share the blog from your Facebook, Twitter, or Blog (and leave the link in a comment on TOL or the TOL Facebook page)

Don’t go nuts, though.  If you leave 50 comments saying the same thing, you’re only getting one entry.

When I have 2 winners, I’ll pick some of my favorite things to fit the person.  I’d hate to send a guy a bunch of face cream.

4 thoughts on “When Lazy and Nihilistic Have a Baby, and GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I agree….go tomorrow. Relax and enjoy! And then tell all of us who are fully “hermitted” all about it! 🙂

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