Facebook and the ER

I spent a few hours in the ER yesterday.  Long story short, I’m fine.  Healthy even.  Great blood, great xrays, great EKGs.  But, I’d been having some weird, constant pain on my left side, and when I started having chest pain along with it, I decided to trot on over to the ER and rule out heart attack.  Heart attack has been ruled out.  I just need to go see my normal doctor to find out what the weird, still-constant pain is.

I posted my whereabouts on Facebook.  I had called B on my way to the hospital and asked him not to come because I didn’t want Thor sitting up there, and I wanted to wait until I knew what was going on to worry my mother.  As soon as Mom knew where I was, she went to watch Thor and B came to me.  In the in-between, I had all my friends in my pocket and could pull them out for entertainment and distraction.  That helped keep me calm and helped me maintain a sense of humor.

I love the idea that I can activate my friends’ super powers from an gurney.

And I love having friends who care.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my strong, healthy heart.

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