Attention all Blondies

I hate when my hair gets brassy.  On a whim, while getting Thor’s hair cut the other day, I picked up a value set of Joico products.  This set contained the Color Endure Violet shampoo and conditioner, and two deep conditioning therapy products.  I used it for the first time yesterday, and thought nothing of it until after Thor grabbed a handful of my hair and said, “Did you make your hair lighter?”  I said no, and he said, “It looks white instead of yellow.”  Um, yay!

And he was right.  My hair did look a lot less brassy.  The product wore well on my scalp.  I was sweating all day and my scalp still wasn’t greasy tonight (but I washed it anyway.)  I tried one of the deep repair products tonight, and I’ll let you know how that wears tomorrow.  Conditioners tend to turn me into a greaseball if I’m not careful.

This is what it looks like. Click the picture to find out more about Joico products and where to buy them.

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