Hang Ups

One of the things I learned from my father is that if I want something, I can probably make it.  And, I can probably make it out of something I have lying around the house.

I have wanted a laundry hanging rack for a long time, possibly since childhood as I was riveted by an illustration of a little girl hanging her doll’s clothes on a mini rack in one of my Little Golden Books.  I have never had one.  I did buy a couple of different kinds of clothes racks, but those never fit into my little laundry areas, and they broke down easily.  I hadn’t given up on the idea, but it’s been on the back burner.

Today, when I was cleaning out the garage, I found some of the shower rods I had brought from the old house.  I had taken the door off my closet in that house (because it opened into the closet and took away 1/2 of my space), and I had used a shower rod to hang a curtain across the doorway.  I had also made another closet in the master bath in an alcove that I think was meant to be a shower stall, and used another shower rod to hang a curtain to partition that off.  You can do a lot with a shower rod.  Having found those, I got to work.

I used lightweight chain meant for planters, and screwed it in to the bottom of the shelving units, then hung my shower rods.  I put one over the washer, specifically for holding the empty hangers, and one off to the side of the dryer, where I will hang clothes as they come out it.


Not bad for someone who is just working with a little pink toolkit!  Maybe I should ask for a tablesaw for Christmas?


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