Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring Cleaning time for us. We’re either very early, or very late. Actually, we’re very on time for Texas. Spring is too hot for Spring cleaning, and Summer isn’t fit for more than just lying on cold tile, panting and hoping someone with more resistance to heat will come and hose you down with ice water. So, we’ve begun to clean out the garage in mid-January.

I’ve written before about having previously created a scary hoarder nest for myself. Depression is a beast, and looking back you can clearly see my state of mind in the state of my housekeeping. I am never going to be June Cleaver, but at least I am no longer Leslie Knope. When B and I got married, we moved from our respective dwellings into a small apartment. I brought with me 20 years worth of clothing. I am not exagerating that number. I had items of clothing in my care that I’d owned since I was 13 years old. You can imagine how quickly that becomes a nightmare.

We went from the apartment into a decent sized house, filled that up, then downsized to less space than we’d had in the first apartment when we went into the townhouse. We were brutal in shedding our possessions. I think I stocked at least three Goodwills full of clothes, and we either sold or gave away half the furniture we owned. We still had a storage unit full to the brim.

We moved from the townhouse into our current rental last April, picking up an additional room of office space for B, and a garage, so we were able to move all our bookshelves back inside and bring everything else out of storage and into the 1-car garage. But, we still have a room full of furniture out there and about 10 storage tubs worth of clothing and assorted items. Guess what? That goes next week, along with probably another two massive loads of things I don’t wear anymore. I called a local charity and they are sending their truck by to pick up our donations. Yay!

By the end of next week, I might just have divested myself of enough that I have a normal sized closet instead of the bloated, bursting all over my bedroom thing I have now. I thought I had done that last year, but I also had a walk-in closet last year. What we picked up in office space, we lost in closet space, so I need to halve my belongings yet again. It’s a huge sign of health and growth that this doesn’t make me sad. In fact, I feel excited and ready to get rid of more.

In other news, somehow our office radio station has been tuned to Country & Western that seems to play a lot of 80s and 90s C&W hits. This means I know all the songs. A Trisha Yearwood song came on and I thought, “Oh god…I remember when she was a new face. Isn’t she retired now?”

Mom and I used to drive from here to Georgia at least three times a year, and we listened to a lot of C&W on those trips. I have such fond memories of those drives. The Viewfinder in my brain always clicks through to stops we would make in Jackson and Vicksburg, Mississippi, and stretches through rural Alabama that are sin-ugly, but beautiful to me. For various reasons, making that trip isn’t feasible right now, but I am thankful for the memories.

I’m in the mood to travel right now. You know, that trip we just took up to Eureka Springs is one of my most favorite trips ever. I have no idea why. I don’t know if it was the surprise at how beautiful the landscape was, or the surprise snow, or the surprise/hilarity of the Corvette convention, or just the town itself, but everything came into perfect place and I am left with a whole impression of perfect contentment.

Nah, I’ll tell you what it was: It was the company.

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