Heart Hokey-Pokey: You put your whole heart in

I am so fortunate to have the family and friends that I do; it seems blasphemous to complain about anything else in life.  So I won’t.  Instead, I’ll write about Thor because there are a few things I want to jot down to remember.

The best part of my life is how much and how often this child wants to be close to me. It affirms me as a mother and as a human being, and makes me want to work harder to be worth the love, trust, and respect.

He’s getting older, and as he grows and matures, some of his peculiar idioms are dropping away.  My favorite thing he used to say was, “Bite sumfin?”  This was one of his first full sentences, and it was his way of requesting a meal.  After just a few weeks he filled that out to say, “I wanna bite sumfin!”  Frequently, he would request to bite a “sargess biz-kit”.  Now, he just asks for sausage.

This is the baby who always wanted to bite sumfin.

A couple of years ago, he started asking which team the Cowboys were “versing” each week.  B has been trying to break him of that, but he still enverbiates “versus” and I smile every time.  Sorry.  I think it is both cute and shows a good understanding of how gerunds work–even if it isn’t a word.  (Come to that, I’m not sure enverbiate is a word.  It isn’t in the dictionary, but you know what it means, right?  It means to turn another part of speech into a verb.  For example:  I went to a party, to party.  The latter party is the enverbiated form of the former.)

He was about this size when he became concerned with whom the Cowboys were versing each week.


I am LOVING watching him with his dog.  He is so besotted with that animal.  We went for a drive last night, and Thor held his puppy, patting, rubbing, cooing at him.  “Oh, Hooey-Hoo,” he would press his cheek to the top of the dog’s head, “I love you so much!  You are the best dog in the world!”

I asked him, “What did you think when you saw Hoo for the first time?”

He said, “I just couldn’t believe it!  I thought you were just bringing me out another toy, or something, but I saw him and he wasn’t a toy.  And–oh, Mama–I have wished for a dog for so many years!  I just love him so much and I will always love him.  He will always be my good dog.”  And there, he turned his attention from me to say, “Hoo is a good boy!  Yes, Hoo is MY good boy!”

The sacked out boy and his good boy, who was alert and at the ready as soon as I’d taken the first picture. Friends for life.

I remind myself of these things, of how lucky I am to be married to my husband, and how blessed I am by the family I was given and the family I have chosen, and everything else melts away.  That’s what it’s all about.

And just because… This is my favorite picture of Thor and me. I could just eat him up!

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